Southern Jet – Private Jet Charter

SouthernJet Luxury Private Jet charting company located in Boca Raton, South Florida. They offer flights to anywhere in the North and South America regions and even Bermuda or Caribbean Islands.

Services Provided: Website Design • PHP Development • Graphic Design • Search Engine Optimization.

Project Overview

SouthernJet had a website that was extremely outdated and was not optimizing in Google. I went and redesigned the website with latest design trend, and used Bootstrap CSS Framework to layout the website to be responsive. The site is then custom coded using php laravel framework and wordpress as the blog.

This project is currently in development and waiting for approval to launch.

Services Provided

Design the website using client’s photos of their planes.
Coded the website using Laravel framework
Used Bootstrap CSS Framework with JQuery to layout the front end development of the website.
Enhanced the photos of the planes to give them a more realistic in-depth quality.
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Southern Jet Website Layouts.

Below are some screen shots that was designed and developed by me.

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