SolidImage Tattoo Shop

SolidImage Tattoo Shop located in Delray Beach. Really cool shop to stop by, the staff is really friendly and the owner is cool. It was great working with them.

Services Provided: Website Design • WordPress Development • Graphic Design • Search Engine Optimization.

Project Overview

SolidImage came to me because their current website was extremely out-dated and was not ranking in Google. I took the approach to really emphasize their shop. I worked with a photographer to take photos of their shop, and used that as a design bases of their new website.  The website was developed using WordPress, basic features of wordpress. It was just a few pages. I created a custom plugin that allows their owner to easily upload photos of work for the artists.

I did alot of On-Site optimization on the website to focus on Tattoo Shop and Delray Beach, as a starting point from there I’ll optimize for more broader keywords.

Services Provided

Used WordPress to develop the website.
Custom designed the website using photography, and graphic elements. Designed and Page Layout and Content input.
Custom php development to develop a plugin to easily upload photo gallery.
While developing the website I was doing on-site SEO and keyword strategy. After the launch of the website I started going basic SEO.

SolidImage Website Layouts.

Below are some screen shots that was designed and developed by me.

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