My name is Carlos Arias,

I am a freelance Sr. Full Stack Web Developer & Digital Marketing. Currently residing in South Florida (Boynton Beach / Palm Beach). I specialize in developing stand-alone web applications for large scale businesses. I also do alot of custom wordpress development for small businesses and search engine marketing. I have over 17yrs in the marketing agency space and can provide clients with full range of services to help their business, along side I can help small agencies with their business.

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Providing Web Design and Web Applications Since 1999

More Than Full Stack Developer.

I’m well verse in all aspects in the digital marketing field. I have extensive knowledge in
Graphic Design, Front-End Development, Back-End Development, and Digital Marketing (Search Engine Optimization, PPC, Social Media)

I can develop web application from Open-Source or scratch, using MVC Frameworks for Mobile and Web using API-Centric methodologies.

Technologies: JQuery, Laravel MVC, Custom MVC, Advance PHP Development, MySQL Database Administration, AngularJS. WordPress Custom Development. I can code anything, just depends on your budget.

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I can design user friendly interfaces using latest front end development techniques and I know how to monitor user experience.

Experience: User Tracking, Monitoring User Experience and Interaction, Conversion Tracking, Web Usability Analysis. Any website can work great and look great but if its not tailored to your target audience it doesn’t mean anything. Make sure your website works for your audience not for you.

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I can design and launch offline and online campaigns that generate leads and traffic to a business. I also know how to measure conversion efforts.

Experience: Search Engine Optimization, Project Management, Search Engine Marketing. Social Media Marketing, Sales / Lead Tracking, Technical Marketing, Traditional Marketing, Direct Mail, eMail Blasts.   Marketing is like Pistons in an engine. They all need to be fired up and moving to get your vehicle moving.  – Carlos Arias ( yes i just made that up :) )

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I can design for both web and print. I have extensive knowledge in the printing industry, and designed logos, branding, packages

Experience: Business Cards, Brand Identity, Logo Design, Direct Mail, Postcards, Brochures anything that can be printed i can design.. I can also design web banners, facebook posts, facebeook theme pages etc..

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